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Rui Filipe playing piano, Cindy Gonçalves violin and Sandra Martins in the cello, with a full repertoire of original music, which spins between the ambiences of magic landscapes, and a sound of an aesthetic contemporary sculpture, creating a sphere of audible fiction, where the images easily invade the imagination of those who let themselves be taken by the dramatic and adventurous lines.

'Teias de Seda' | 'Silk Nets',

released in 2014, is their first album.


Several years working together in several projects, such as: RosaNegra, music for ballet productions, theatre, etc. , have resulted in a solid and good relation and combination of ideas, which ended up inspiring the creation of a repertoire that seams coming from a box full of mistery and transcendig moments...

The art as a living soul, free and unpredictable.

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